Bass Coast Gardening and handyman service


Okay so wish to work with us as a subcontractor

okay folks we pay service provider 75% of the profit based on an hrly rate

say we provide a basic 1hr mow trim and blow and collect

The contractor being BCGHS collects $40.00 per hr

you will receive $30.00 per hr

If the business charges $200.00 hr for large mowing on the big stuff

you will receive $150.00

this is for those who achieve a minimum of a cert 3 qualification in horticulture

you can study your cert here if your not at that level

now for cert 2 holder horticulture we pay $25.00 per hr and we supply the equipment

and costs of running

there are certain things we use to keep the team running efficient

you will need a minimum of a net book with windows 10

preferably a mobile printer capable of printing invoices and documents

you can get one at office works

its okay well run you through it

please send your documents to:

and you can contact us at: