Bass coast gardening and handyman service provider induction sheet

Okay folks I believ if you pay your work team greatly than they will do a better

job be happy in their career and live a fullfilling life

YOU make 75% of all profit

you will need an ABN and public handyman insurance

okay you will be taught by myself or one of the team

how to use our advanced digital system

and we will issue you with your own email for your lawn gardener or handyman services

you will be issues with a unique calender where we set up your schedule

this will keep you always in the loop

now depending on you experience qualification and what you can actually Know

we pay you well!$$$$$$$$$$$

okay for basic lawn mowing we pay $30.00 per hr

and up to $300.per hr

depending on your level of expertise And know how

I will issue the local bi law weather broadadcasts and etc as you need to run your way
< to suite your clientel

We will keep in touch through mobile or your premium email we will isue you with this keeps your work at work and play at play

okay folks please watch the following video for the knowledge on how we do things

contact me here at up load and attach any qualification and a cv so I can place you properly within our team